Interactive TV


In my Advertising Ethics class we learned about a process entitled the “Cultivation Process” that describes the results of a study that concluded that people who watch a lot of soap operas tend to believe that there is more wealth in the world and people who watch more violent television tend to think that there is more violence in the world. The idea is that the more you watch certain things on TV, the more you believe that it is an accurate representation of the world around you…I can very well apply this principle to myself: All of my childhood, I watched broadway musicals, history channel episodes, and detective shows (I was home-schooled till ninth grade), and I often find myself expecting fellow drivers to break into song during rush hour, desiring people to dress and act like they are from the 50s, and hoping to find a clue hidden behind a picture frame in the lobby of a hotel. Now, imagine if this could be applied to everyone… Do people that watch a lot of Jerry Springer episodes think that there is a plethora of white trash in the world? And do people who constantly watch game shows think that they will have money thrown at them, are they more prone to gamble? If adults watch too much Disney channel do they view their children as ignorant and troubled? If so, it would make life a lot easier if we figured out what we want to think (or other people to think) and then watch (or make them watch) television that supports those thoughts… brainwashing that’s entertaining.

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