Watching You


In one of my previous posts I mentioned the googly-eyed aloe vera plant in my room. It has been pleasantly perched on my window sill since the beginning of this semester, a birthday gift from one of my greatest friends (once again, don’t ask as to how the plant got eyes). I was looking at it the other day and two things hit me: 1. plants look really weird with eyes. 2. What if all plants had eyes? This got me thinking… If flora and fauna had faces, would we as a people appreciate them more? Would we be more willing to “save our planet” if it stared us down? I figure that, if so, the world would start to realize how much we hurt our environment. Could you imagine cutting down a tree as it cried and begged for mercy? Or throwing trash into the ocean only to hear the panicked screams from the seaweed and algae. I’d think that it would be almost scarring for us to go through that. It’s like vegans not liking their food to be staring at them, it’s uncomfortable and reminds us that we are eating something that was once alive. Sadly though, I’m pretty sure that the world would be exactly the same as it is now, people don’t realize that our environment needs protecting. They buy the “eco-friendly” merchandise thinking that they are helping in some way, but don’t think to stop and pick trash off the side walk, or recycle their used goods, or carpool for once. At first, I thought that this whole ‘go green’ thing was awesome, the earth was finally gonna be helped (or at least not hindered), but I’m sad to say that the fad is not working, at least in my mind. The only way it will work is if people want to help the planet for the planet’s sake, and not because it looks ‘cool’.

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