Darius Goes West

Tonight I went to a viewing of the independent documentary “Darius Goes West”, a film that follows the journey of Darius Weems and his twelve friends as they travel to California in attempts to get “Pimp My Ride” to pimp out Darius’ wheel chair. Darius has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative muscle disease that is 100% fatal. This movie really touched me for two reasons:
1. I have a family friend who has they very same disease and have seen him transform from a healthy, rambunctious nine year old to a nineteen year old who is confined to a wheelchair.
2. It is amazing to see the good of people.

Earlier today I had decided that I was going to write this entry in response to the proposition that “everything we do is out of self interest” and conclude that the phrase was in fact true. I had debated with myself for most of the day, trying to decide whether or not I agreed with it, finally persuading myself that it was a valid idea. But after seeing this film, I cannot continue to agree with that statement. No matter how hard I try I cannot accept that people do not possess the capability of being good and self-less. People have often argued that when it comes down to it, even donating to charity or volunteering is doing yourself a favor, whether it be by making you feel like God forgives you when you pay money to the church or that you are a ‘good person’ if you give your time. Although there are people like that in the world (and believe me, I have met my fair share), I still believe that somewhere in this world are people who are capable of acting without self-interest. The twelve boys who set out to help Darius go west, didn’t do it because they thought that they would become famous or that they would gain anything in particular from it; they did it because Darius wanted it and they wanted to help spread information about DMD. After reading the previous statement, there are still some cynics who would argue that even those boys made the film for selfish reasons, but I refuse to agree.
There cannot be evil if there is no good, it is almost a symbiotic relationship. I have seen and felt many evil things in this world and so there must be something good in it as well. As a God-fearing woman, I find that whatever God has His hands in can become good, and I know that God has His hands in people just as much as in any one of His creations. There is such a thing as Good, we just have to look harder for it.

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