Simplify. Simplify. Simplify

Today my friends and I took a trek down the street to go see our friend’s apartment. Little did I know that it would be nothing like what I expected. Upon entering, we were met by the comfort of the sight of candle-light and the sounds of the Beatles’ “Rubber Soul” playing on the turn-table on the table against the wall. Instantly I was met with a warmth that radiated from the walls, surrounding me with a strong sense of nostalgia. I made my way around the apartment, exploring all that there was to see – paintings, antiques, books, hundreds of stimulating images to digest. Every single item inside was given by friends, not one thing was bought. When asked about his retro couch he replied saying that it was registered with a rent-a-sofa website for those willing to share their sofas with people passing through. The paintings on the walls were collected from friends and colleagues, both artists and art lovers. After our tour was completed, we sat down with our friend and had a good long talk about nothing in particular and yet about everything. Something he said that stuck in my mind most was a quote from Henry David Thoreau that he repeated in response to why he lives his life the way he does. The quote read, “Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.” He continued to chant that “Less is more, and more is less.” What I deduced from those tidbits of advice was that if you simplify your life you can truly discover the beauty in it. When you eliminate the noise, you can hear the melody. That impacted me a lot, because it made me realize how much I need to simplify my life and take it as it comes, to take the time to see the beauty in the simple things. In the “Creative License” it talked about letting go and exploring your own creativity. I figure that going to my friend’s house let me see how easy it can be…
The entire time I had a feeling inside of me that I could not put my finger on… I stood and took in everything, patiently attempting to grasp what I was feeling. Finally, I did it. Although it may sound corny, it felt like an eternal hug, wrapping me warmth, comfort, and security. It’s amazing how walking into a room can change the way to think and feel. The image that most stands out to me was a coat rack sat in the corner carrying a classic Sinatra hat, bicycle helmet, scratched old mirror, and a mind-puzzle. To me that alone symbolized the feeling of the room: when inside you felt lost in time, felt like you could go anywhere and do anything that you wanted to, felt like you could see yourself for who you truly were, felt like you could unlock the troubles in your mind…

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